Sunday 18 February 2018

Game on: It's macabre, but it's gruesomely inventive

Limbo - Xbox
Rating: 9/10

Ronan Price

Ronan Price

Dying has never been this entertaining. In Limbo, you will meet a sticky end. A lot. But you will laugh and then try again. And again.

Despite its macabre tone and gruesomely inventive ways to kill your character, Limbo is a pleasure to play. A side-scrolling platform puzzle game available only as a download on Xbox Live, you wander as a boy looking for his sister through a sinister, monochrome landscape.

With a beautiful art style full of flickering shadows, half-hidden traps and monsters, you quickly realise many others like you have tried and failed to navigate its treachery, their corpses dotting your path.

Perhaps a little short for its €15 price tag, Limbo is nonetheless an audacious fusion of horror and puzzles.

Rating: 7/10

Think Grand Theft Auto with dozens (maybe hundreds) of real players facing off in gang wars. APB makes you choose to side with the cops or the robbers in chaotic shootouts across an urban sprawl.

But the missions tend towards the repetitive and, because it's a subscription-based game like World of Warcraft, you'll need to pony up regularly after your first 50 hours of gameplay.

Dance on Broadway - Wii

Rating: 2/10

A follow-up to the dire Just Dance (which still sold by the millions, admittedly), this dance-along to show tunes refuses to fix the shoddy controls and, to add insult, offers half the number of tracks. So it'll be next week's Number One probably.

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