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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Game On: Battlefield goes in with all guns blazing

Battlefield, Bad Company 2, X360/PS3/PC: Nicking its casting idea from The Dirty Dozen, BBC2 returns to the exploits of a bunch of misfit soldiers on a globe-straddling renegade mission.

Squint and you might mistake BBC2 for a knock-off of Modern Warfare 2. But after a plodding start, its own personality soon emerges, aided by a whip-smart, wisecracking script and Bad Company's trademark of building destructibility.

Your band of brothers pursues an elusive secret weapon across several continents, including snow, mountain and desert terrain.

If your enemy is too deeply entrenched, pull out a rocket launcher and bring the building down on their heads.

Need a short-cut? Blow a hole in a wall with a grenade...

As much fun as the single-player campaign delivers, it's short-lived and shooters like these live or die on the strength of multi-player.

BBC2 is a descendant of the magnificent Battlefield and so packs a heady brew of vehicles/aircraft and squad tactics. Vast, immaculately designed maps offer abundant possibilities.

Modern Warfare 2 may still have the edge for purists but BBC2 has a distinctive flavour for those looking something new.

Rating: 9/10

Alice in Wonderland, DS

Praise be for some lateral thinking about a movie tie-in. Tim Burton's re-imagining of the Alice story has divided audiences but young gamers will be universally receptive to the DS version.

Granted, it half-inches its central device from arty 2001 PS2 classic Ico. So instead of a run-of-the-mill platformer, Alice gets lost in Wonderland and must be guided to safety by other characters under your control.

With a starkly beautiful 2D art style and some novel puzzles, it's the sort of thing adults might be tempted to play along with their kids.

Rating: 9/10

Silent Hunter 5, PC

Quite how a genre as unfashionable as the submarine sim has reached its fifth edition is unfathomable.

Maybe it's a tribute to gamers' appetite for something utterly different.

Many series fans will be disappointed with this buggy instalment, though. More ambitious in scope than previous versions, it runs like a whale and torpedoes its good intentions with a draconian anti-piracy measure that requires a constant net connection.

Rating: 5/10

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