Friday 27 April 2018

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Bayonetta, X360/PS3

Don't mess with Bayonetta. A bad-ass witch with sass to spare, she wields four weapons -- one for each limb. But even they're just popguns compared to the 50-foot dragons she conjures out of nothing to deliver the finishing blow to cowering enemies.

From the creator of epic hack'n'slash Devil May Cry, Bayonetta goes crazy with the DMC template, filling every corner of the screen with riotous imagination as she battles angels and demons in an apocalyptic world.

The amusing cut-scenes sometimes outstay their welcome and the camera prowls over Bayonetta's curvy form like a drooling teenage boy.

But the preposterous scale of the rapid combat coupled with stunning visuals and non-stop invention sweeps away all doubt. Don't think, just be Bayonetta.

Rating: 9.5/10

Flips: Artemis Fowl, DS

To all those naysayers who believe children would be better off reading a book than playing videogames, the Flips series is the perfect riposte.

Squeezing all six Artemis Fowl novels into one game card must count as some sort of feat, not to mention a gesture of generosity. The reader holds the DS sideways and flips through the pages with a touch of the screen.

But Flips is more than just an e-book. Stuffed into the pages are links to an encyclopaedia of the characters and storyline plus puzzles to solve based on the Artemis world.

The text looks a bit fuzzy for anyone used to proper e-readers but the Flips series is a triumph for young fans of the Irish author's books.

RATING: 9.5/10

Just Dance, Wii

When they say Just Dance in the title, that's exactly what they mean, and no more. Using the motion-tracking Wiiote in one hand, up to four players attempt to follow dance routines accompanying a crowd-pleasing track list including Kylie, Blur and Elvis.

But the motion-sensing feels dubious at best and the spartan gameplay seems to have been knocked out after an afternoon down the pub.

RATING: 5/10

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