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Galway space tech communications firm mBryonics plans to add further 200 jobs amid €15m factory plan


mBryonics at work

mBryonics at work

mBrionics at work

mBrionics at work


mBryonics at work

A satellite communications company run by three siblings in Galway plans to add 200 jobs over the next three years as it looks to invest around €15m in a new factory.

John Mackey, who founded mBryonics alongside his siblings Ruth and David, said the fast-growing company would have 50 staff by the end of the year, adding a further 200 after that.

He said its new facility in Galway would be a “factory of the future” focused around optics and photonics technologies for space satellites.

John said the firm was nearing commercialisation of its technology, which it had been developing for eight years as mBryonics and over 10 years as part of the Applied Optics Group at NUI Galway.

“Things are largely committed at this point,” he said. “It is tremendously exciting.”

In 2020, mBryonics announced three separate contracts with the European Space Agency, helping develop satellite solutions for telecommunications.

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