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Galaxy S7 expected to be Samsung's toughest handset





Early rumours indicate that Samsung's Galaxy S7 will be tougher than its predecessor thanks to new materials and new display technology,

While Samsung’s Galaxy S7 isn’t expected to arrive until March of next year, the rumour mill is already working away. The Galaxy S7 is expected to be made of tough stuff if new reports are accurate.

Korean site Kbench says that Samsung has filed a trademark request for a new type of glass cover called Turtle Glass. This would replace the already in place Gorilla Glass 3 from Corning. The super strong display protection technology is an in-house solution, so it’s unclear if it will be ready in time for the S7’s launch.

Secondly, another Korean site, inews24.com, states that Samsung is testing out a magnesium-based alloy that would strengthen the body of the phone. Not only will it make for a tougher handset, but it could ensure the S7 is lighter than previous generations and will stop phones from overheating.

It’s early days yet, and all of this comes in the wake of Apple unveiling its latest handsets, so take it with a dash of salt.