Friday 23 March 2018

Fun take on 'camcorder' is worth a shot

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Canon Legria Mini

Price: €330

Rating: ****

When is the last time you even thought about buying a 'camcorder'? You're not alone. Fewer and fewer of us are buying the kind of barrelish video recorders with flip out screens which make us feel like characters in a 'Back To The Future' sequel.

So Canon is taking a slightly different tack. Its small Legria Mini camcorder is designed to be an impromptu recording device, sort of like the camcorder industry's answer to Snapchat. To this end, it is tailor-made for video 'selfies': throwaway clips of oneself that can be recorded thanks to the small screen that flips up in a number of angles for self-monitoring.

Everything about the Legria Mini bespeaks fun. The default lens angle is so wide that it invites you to start messing and being creative. (There's a single-level zoom option, but it's very basic.) There are a couple of small niggles. For example, onscreen controls are a little small. This means that it sometimes takes more than one tap to start and stop recording or effect another function.

In this sense, it could probably benefit from a physical record button.

Also, because it only has a digital zoom, the quality of video footage can get a little mediocre with this feature.

Finally, the Wifi-sharing didn't work for me most of the time. But this is good fun. It would make a much better present than a 'traditional' camcorder.

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