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Thursday 17 October 2019

From farm to fork...This blockchain startup uses sensors to better track food supply chain

Ambrosus is looking to expand its workforce at its Dublin hub

Angel Versetti
Angel Versetti
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A blockchain-powered network set up with an aim to assure the quality and origins of products in a supply chain is expanding its hub in Dublin.

Founded in 2016 by Angel Versetti and Dr Stefan Meyer, Ambrosus is a community-driven infrastructure which combines Ethereum-based tech with IoT sensors to better track products across a number of industries.

The high-tech sensors measure and record information such as temperature, oxygen and sodium content which is stored on the secure network.

Transparency for consumers, companies and farmers in terms of the origins and transport path of life-essential products, namely food and medicine, is the Swiss startup's goal.

Mr Versetti (26) told that Ambrosus can ultimately help farmers earn fairer prices and improve food distribution, and allow consumers to easily see where their food comes from and what is really in it.

"We wanted to build this platform to fulfil a vision to which we all align; an open source project which tracks, stores and transmits assembly-line and sensor data about food and pharmaceuticals," he said.

With about 60 people working across a number of countries including Switzerland, Ireland, Estonia, Germany and Poland, Ambrosus is currently looking to fill hubs at its Dublin hub.

The highly skilled roles that are currently being advertised include IT and blockchain solutions architects, marketing director, recruitment manager and head of business development.

Now working across four different industries - food, commodities, high-value products and medicine - Ambrosus is offering companies an opportunity to record essential data they may require in the future, whether they choose to make that data public or not.

Estonian-born Versetti was name checked on this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 list across the European landscape in the 'finance' vertical.

In addition to private funding, Ambrosus raised more than $30m in its initial coin offering, the cryptocurrency space's version of an IPO.

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