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Thursday 13 December 2018

Free apps for greater efficiency

Work hacks

Flat Tomato app
Flat Tomato app app
Google Keep
Buffer app

Claire O'Mahony

Manage your time

The Flat Tomato app is based on the highly- regarded Pomodoro Technique, where tasks are broken up into 25-minute intervals interspersed with short breaks. The app times work sessions and colours change depending on the task on the timer. You can also track your work times on a daily calendar.

Available for iOS;

Organise to-do lists

Some 20 million users have opted for as their preferred minimal task management app. It enables you to keep all lists, reminders, tasks and events in one place, share lists and assign tasks and integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud and more.

Available for iOS, Android, web, Chrome, and Mac;

Keep up to date

There's lot to like about Google Keep, which allows you to add audio, notes, lists and photos. You can record a voice memo that will be automatically transcribed and code your notes with labels and colours, and everything added to Keep syncs across your devices.

Available for iOS, Android and web;

Share smarter

If managing your social media accounts is a time-consuming affair, Buffer helps make the process more efficient. The app allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, all from one place and provides analytics from updates, outlining the number of clicks, retweets and mentions that a post gets.

Available for iOS, Android and Web;

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