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Frank Hornby: Meccano and model train creator celebrated in Google Doodle


Frank Hornby's 150th birthday

Frank Hornby's 150th birthday

Frank Hornby's 150th birthday

THE creator of Meccano and Hornby model railways has been celebrated in a Google Doodle to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Frank Hornby was born in 1863 and went on to create some of the best loved toys of the 20th century despite having no formal training in engineering or design.

He started off making toys for his sons at home in a workshop using sheet metal.

When he realised his work had commercial potential he rented larger spaces for his work.

In 1902, "Mechanics Made Easy" went on sale and used 16 parts to create 12 models - it would become the Meccano brand from 1908.

Mr Hornby became a millionaire as his kits were sold worldwide.

But model trains did not go on sale until after his death in 1936.

The google doodle is available at google.co.uk

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