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Facebook to allow Irish staff work from other European countries

In a change to company policy, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told staff that they will soon be allowed apply to work from other European countries, including the UK.


Facebook is to allow Irish staff to work from other European countries.

Facebook is to allow Irish staff to work from other European countries.

Facebook is to allow Irish staff to work from other European countries.

Facebook says it will let staff at its Irish office work from abroad from now on.

The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, emailed staff today to say that the social networking giant, which employs over 3,000 people in Dublin, will soon allow all full-time employees to work remotely if their job functions allow it.

In a policy shift for the company, Mr Zuckerberg added that Facebook will now permit some staff attached to the firm’s Dublin office to work from outside Ireland.

This will be from a list of seven European countries, including the UK.

Up until now, Facebook has required ‘remote’ employees to work from locations within Ireland for regulatory and tax reasons.

“We’ve learned over the past year that good work can get done anywhere, and I’m even more optimistic that remote work at scale is possible, particularly as remote video presence and virtual reality continue to improve,” Mr Zuckerberg wrote in his email to staff.

The company is also allowing employees at its US offices to request to work from Canada.

The move comes as Apple CEO Tim Cook told staff in Cork that he expects most of them to return to the office in September.

Facebook is due to begin re-opening its offices in September, with the aim of having them fully functional by October.

Facebook is currently developing a new European headquarters in Ballsbridge, opposite the Royal Dublin Society.

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Mr Zuckerberg said that staff in the company’s office must be present more than half fo the time.

He added that he personally plans to work more of the time outside the office from now on.

“I’ve found that work­ing re­motely has given me more space for long-term think­ing and helped me spend more time with my fam­ily, which has made me hap­pier and more pro­duc­tive at work,” he wrote in a memo.

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