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Facebook technology enhances online marketing

FACEBOOK has tackled several problems with the News Feed page -- the very first page that is usually seen by anyone who logs on to the social networking site.

The News Feed is an all-important part of Facebook because of the essential content it brings to the viewing public.

The good news is that engineers and executives of the popular social networking site have come up with new algorithms of News Feed -- for the purpose of providing users with relevant content -- which are collectively known as EdgeRank.

You may not be aware of the fact that News Feed only brings the subset of the news produced by your friends, but think of this: if the whole content is shown up then this will only overwhelm the viewers.

Developers and other outsourcing sites such as my company, busylizzie.ie, are always trying to make sure that their respective sites and applications are ultimately publishing stories that will make a certain cut and make viewers want for more.

This has led to the conceptualisation of what is known today as News Feed Optimisation and the success of this endeavour is powered by EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is currently at its peak and the formula it uses is more or less straightforward. But you have to take note that there are items that will show up in your News Feed and these items are usually considered as objects.

If a user has an object right in the News Feed like status update, it becomes an object whenever you and other people on that particular site interact with that particular object involved.

Some of these objects would include some actions like comments and tags.

EdgeRank actually has three components which are very important to the algorithms of Facebook.

•The creator of the item and the viewing user comes with an affinity score. The more messages you send to your friend and the more often you open and visit the profile of that particular friend means a higher affinity score for that specific user.

•There is a specific weight provided for each type of Edge. For example, having a comment to appear on your page has more weight than that of a Like.

•The most obvious and most important factor is time. This simply means that the older an Edge is, the less important it becomes.

You need to multiply these factors, add the Edge scores and you will obtain an EdgeRank for an object.

The higher your EdgeRank becomes the more that object will appear right in the user's feed.

This is the reason why EdgeRank as social media marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways of outsourcing certain online businesses.

There are so many different ways in which you can make use of an EdgeRank; it not only helps enhance your Facebook News Feed but enhances your online marketing business as well.

Tara Dalrymple is the founder of outsourcing company busylizzie.ie.

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