Saturday 20 July 2019

Facebook posts increasingly being used as evidence in divorce disputes


Jamie Philips

Social media is increasingly being used as evidence during divorce cases, a law firm has claimed.

Around a third of divorce cases now involve the use of social media, according to Leeds-based Lake Legal.

Facebook posts featuring images and details of holidays are used frequently to expose lies about a person's income or overall financial standing, it was claimed.

Divorce lawyers are said to be encouraging their clients to keep an eye on their estranged partner's social media activity, as well as monitoring the accounts of their friends and family.

Social media activity can be used in a divorce case even if it has been deleted, provided a screenshot showing the date and time of the post has been taken.

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Facebook is also being used to expose partners who are lying with regards to their whereabouts during the divorce proceedings.

Excuses may be made that they cannot attend a hearing because of a funeral or another commitment, but images posted on Facebook may show them on holiday.

The law firm also warns that the danger of posting on social media does not end even when a marriage is officially over.

Evidence of hidden wealth or undeclared assets can also be used as evidence to overturn a financial settlement which was previously agreed.

A person found guilty of concealing assets may also be charged with fraud or perjury and face a prison sentence.

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