Wednesday 18 September 2019

Facebook creates new portal for parents - with top tips - to help children stay safe online

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Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A new advice hub from social media giant Facebook has been introduced with an aim to encourage the increased safety of children online.

'Parents Portal' is the latest addition to the platform's safety centre which was launched last month with the aim of educating and guiding users in best practises.

The announcement of the new online hub comes as an ISPCC report warns that online activity can be putting young people at risk.

"Cyber safety is the child protection issue of our time; we are only beginning to understand the scale and nature of harm and criminal behaviour towards children online," ISPCC CEO Grainia Long said. 

"However, we also appreciate the positive impact that technology has on the lives of young people but our work has informed us that our education system and society are failing to prepare children to identify and understand online risks."

Parent's Portal - in addition to helping parents navigate Facebook - offers tips for conversing with children on how to protect themselves while surfing the net. Expert advice on the topic can also be accessed through the hub.

“We take safety on Facebook very seriously. By working with experts to help shape our products, policies and community education programs we can create a safe space for everyone to communicate and share," Head of Safety Policy at Facebook Julie de Bailliencourt said.

“Every day, parents come to Facebook to ask for advice in Groups, share pictures of their kids or just stay connected with family in different places. And for many parents, they also have questions about how Facebook works once their children join.”

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