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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Facebook applies to join Irish court case over future of data privacy

Facebook's website display on a computer screen
Facebook's website display on a computer screen
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Facebook has applied to join proceedings in the High Court tomorrow in a case involving the Irish Data Protection Commissioner and the future of data privacy between the EU and US.

"We will request an opportunity to join the proceedings in the Irish High Court where the Irish DPC's investigation is to be discussed," said a Facebook spokesman.

"We believe it is critical that we join the proceedings so that we can provide accurate information about our procedures and processes, as well as to correct inaccuracies that already exist."

The case is a return to the High Court of a complaint made by the Austrian campaigner Max Schrems over the privacy of Facebook data transferred to the US.

The case was previously referred from the High Court to the European Court of Justice by Mr Justice Hogan in a point of European law.

The ECJ subsequently ruled against existing 'Safe Harbour' data transfer arrangements in a judgement two weeks ago. The ruling casts doubt over data transfers between the EU and US based on a lack of regard for European privacy rights in the US.

The European Court Of Justice also ruled that the Irish Data Protection Commissioner should now reconsider Max Schrems' complaint over Facebook's transfer of data to US servers.

The High Court will now proceed with the original case.

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