Tuesday 24 October 2017

Exclusive look: Gear Fit Smartwatch review

Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor

As the tech battle for smartwatch supremacy intensifies, Samsung has launched a third smartwatch aimed at taking early dominance in the growth market.

Aimed at sports enthusiasts, the Gear Fit has a curved, narrow, 1.8-inch high-definition screen and includes a built-in heart monitor sensor. It features a cut-down range of the apps and functions available on Samsung’s full Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches, which are capable of playing music, taking photos and making phone calls.

Instead of full phone capability, the Gear Fit gives a series of notifications for calls, emails, text messages or alarms that come from a companion smartphone device.

It also has a series of fitness apps, including a pedometer and heart-rate monitor. The smartwatch can also use third-party straps based on a common standard.

The Gear Fit is the first ‘curved glass’ smartwatch on the market, following a phone and television trend of bending screens. Samsung is expected to release the watch in Irish shops before the summer.

Samsung’s assault on the smartwatch market comes in advance of an expected Apple smartwatch later this year. So-called ‘wearable technology’ is being treated as a high-growth opportunity by electronics manufacturers seeing slowing growth in the phone and tablet market. The genre is dominated by fitness gadgets such as pedometer-trackers from Jawbone and Fitbit.

Samsung launched the product at Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest telecoms trade conference held annually in Barcelona.

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