Friday 24 May 2019

Eight more firms to keep an eye on

From internet router developers to video game social networks, here are some Waterford-based tech startups - and established firms - worth keeping an eye on.

1. Global Business Register

Founders: Robert Leslie and Ben Cronin

What it does: Gives quick, easy information on companies and directors from a multitude of countries without having to jump through hoops online. The company has also developed a number of trust-based products and services to authenticate users, websites and other entities for those who want to do business with them.

2. Kodacall

Founder: Miguel Ponce de Leon

What it does: Makes it easy for websites to connect calls to customers for free. Aimed at enhancing customer support and service.

3. Fragd

Founder: Barry Downes, Jon Michael Bukosky, Norman Tajudin

What it does: A gaming network that connects "influencer" video gamers with companies and brands to help market products and services. Players gain "rewards" based on their interaction.

4. Nearform

Founders: Cian O'Maidin, Richard Rodger

What it does: Web infrastructure technology and design. One of the world's authorities on node.js, a fast-growing programming language.

5. Edrive

Founders: Mervyn O'Callaghan, Simon Murray

What it does: Telematics for fleet vehicles. It collects data on driving and provides analytics, with staff in Waterford, Monaghan and London.

6. Waterford Technologies

Founders: Lorcan Kennedy, Brendan Nolan, Gerry Conheady

What it does: Email and file archiving technology. The company provides email organisation solutions to large enterprises.

7. Multipath Networks

Founder: Justin Colleary

What it does: Makes an internet router that connects disparate hardware devices with each other into a single internet connection.

8. ZolkC

Founder: Paul Savage

What it does: Builds apps and content for international tours. Has received €500,000 in funding from Kernel Capital.

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