Wednesday 17 January 2018

Digital Life: They shoot, they score

X360/PS3/Wii, RATING: 8/10

Ronan Price

Ronan Price

FIFA World Cup South Africa: Is there any game that is more doomed to obsolescence than FWCSA?

Coming just seven months after the superb FIFA 10 (on which it is largely based) and probably just five months before FIFA 11 (which presumably will be better again), FWCSA faces a shelf life of little more than few weeks.

EA pulls this stunt every year with different spin-offs, and for many people it will be enough to right the wrong perpetrated by Thierry Henry against Ireland.

Subtle tweaks become apparent after a few minutes' play -- passing is no longer so unerringly accurate and the refs seem less fussy about, ahem, spirited tackles.

Casual players bamboozled by the plethora of moves will enjoy the option of simplified controls -- yet even just pass- and-shoot buttons make for an exciting game. Buy FWCSA by all means, but your ardour may cool come as the whistle blows in the final on July 11.

Dead to Rights: Retribution


RATING: 6/10

IT was a dubious call at best to exhume a seven-year-old franchise that wasn't much cop to start with. Jack Slate and his mutt Shadow return for more crook-chomping, fist-fighting action. But novelty value aside of controlling a sidekick dog, the gunplay and brawling fail to bring anything new to the party.

Super Street Fighter IV


RATING: 10/10

How do you improve on what we thought was perfection? Capcom found several chinks in the armour of Street Fighter IV and applied refinements before slapping on the 'Super' prefix.

Most apparent is the expanded roster of 35 fighters, all unlocked from the off. Their diverse styles -- from the flabby giant wrestler to the nimble female ninja -- have been rebalanced to ensure fair matches, especially in the fiercely competitive online world.

New gameplay modes provide extra challenge for multiplayer fans, but tournaments are missing.

Factor in the vibrant visuals and the sheer intensity of the fighting contests and SSFIV is the new and uncontended heavyweight champion.

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