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Dell to take on Apple in massive China market

COMPUTER giant Dell is linking up with China's top search engine Baidu to develop tablet computers and mobile phones for the Chinese market..

China is one of the fastest growing markets for tablets with 900m mobile phone users.

The plan is to help boost Dell’s flagging tablet business. China is currently dominated by Apple.

"I suspect this is just Dell, who has a lot of problems on the mobile and tablet front, grasping at straws to get any kind of publicity that it can to make its product more attractive," said Michael Clendenin, MD of consultancy RedTech Advisors.

"Ultimately in China, I still think it is Apple's game, still for the iPad and iPhone."

Baidu is one of China's best known brands.

Dell has yet to announce a timeline for the launch of the devices, but it may be as early as November.