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Decent – if you can get it

LG G2 Price: €450 from expansys.ie Rating: HHHH

THE whole 'small country' thing means that Ireland sometimes misses out on some of the best phones. Like the Nexus 5 or Moto X, LG's impressive, competitively-priced G2 is a case in point. The Android machine has a superb 5.2-inch (423ppi) screen, good battery life, solid 13-megapixel camera and great, quad-core power.

And yet to get one into your hands, you'll need to visit an airport duty-free shop or wander into webstores such as Expansys.ie.

This is a shame. In a market with a solid need for really good smartphones that stop shy of Apple's €600 to €700 price-tags, this is a very, very good option.

Its sole quirk is the placement of volume and power buttons on the back of the device rather than the side.

This compares very favourably with rivals from Samsung and Sony at a cheaper price.

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