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Dating site Twoo.com is 6th most popular after eight months


Picture posed. Thinkstock

Picture posed. Thinkstock

Picture posed. Thinkstock

JUST eight months after launching, Twoo.com is the world's No.6 most popular dating website according to the latest comscore data.

Twoo.com had 2.88 million monthly active users in December and grew by over 1000% between June and November 2011 (according to comscore data of total unique visitors).

Twoo doesn't match based on complex personality analysis, as it takes a more real-world approach. It leaves it up to individuals to make a connection (or not) - just as they would in a bar, at the workplace or any other social setting. Twoo.com makes it easy for them to find others in their local area, and gets them chatting as quickly as possible to see if they have a connection.

"The way that people want to meet new people online is changing," said Lorenz Bogaert, CEO of Twoo.com. "Not everyone wants to be 'matched' according to someone else's view of compatibility. They'd much rather just have the opportunities to chat to someone and figure out for themselves whether there's a spark. We see our role as putting the networking into social networking, by introducing people to others outside their existing group of friends and letting them do the rest."

Only active users An important principle is that all users on the site must be active and open to meeting new people. Twoo.com is the only social site to remove inactive users after three months.

It's free Twoo.com is free - people just need to fill in a few details and then can begin chatting within 60 seconds. People can initiate three new conversations day. Should they want to talk to more, they can upgrade to the Diamond Twoo account for just GBP1.50 (2EUR, 2,5$) per week, which will allow them to chat to up to ten people.

How does it work? Twoo gets people talking fast - it aims to get them into a chat within 60 seconds, giving them the chance to meet new people on a daily basis. When someone joins, Twoo.com asks a couple of questions about the type of people they'd like to meet. These preferences, along with physical location, are used bi-directionally, so that people will only see those in their local area who might be interested in them. With a free membership, a 35 year old who is looking for women between 25 and 30, for example, will only be able to contact those in this age group who are interested in speaking to someone who is 35.

Who is using Twoo.com? Twoo.com has grown by word of mouth since it started in May 2011 and had more than 2.88 million monthly active users in December worldwide including in Brazil, the US and the UK, with around 50,000-60,000 in the UK. Active in over 35 countries, Twoo is available in 20 different languages helping to match more than 250,000 people on a daily basis.

Twoo has 2.88 million monthly active users worldwide with around 800.000 unique daily users. The average gender split is around 60% males and 40% females, with around 40,000 new registrations worldwide daily.