Thursday 22 February 2018

Controversial sex domain name decision delayed

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Matt Warman

.xxx vote delayed until June as official body that awards web addresses decides to examine options

The organisation that assigns internet domain names has delayed a decision on the controversial .xxx suffix. Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, had been meeting in Nairobi last week and was expected to vote on a decision on the domain for adult sites before their conference closed.

The body’s board, however, decided instead to instruct the CEO and general counsel to write a document within 14 days to outline the options available, and then make it available to stakeholders within 45 days. The aim is to be able to make an informed decision at the next meeting, which will be held in June.

Icann had previously accepted a request from domain registry ICM to be allowed to sell .xxx domain names, but then subsequently reversed its decision after pressure from conservative groups. An Independent Review Panel decision, however, then said that not allowing ICM to seel such addresses was in fact unfair.

Rita Johnson, a board member, said that “The board has considered the Independent Review Panel's declaration in conformity with the Icann bylaw requirements during its meeting in Nairobi and explored possible paths regarding ICM's application for .xxx; the board directs Icann's CEO and general counsel to finalize a report of possible process options for consideration.”

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