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Connected ‘smart’ TVs will be the norm in 2015

CONNECTED TVs are expected to be the norm for the majority of people buying a TV in 2015, a new report has predicted.

Eighty per cent of all TV units shipped by 2014 will be smart devices, compared to 2011, in which only 27 per cent were.

Futuresource Consulting has compiled the report, which also found that Japan leads the way in the adoption of connected TVs, with 59 per cent of its population's TV orders in 2011 being ‘smart’.

Penetration in the US and China has now reached 29%. However, Europe is behind the curve with 24 per cent of sales of TVs being those with an internet connection.

As demand for connected televisions gains momentum, major TV manufacturers are responding by making IP connectivity a standard feature in 60 per cent to 80 per cent of their product portfolio.

Furthermore, embedded wi-fi is expected to drive adoption moving forwards and many premium models now incorporate this feature enabling consumers to connect and use with ease.

Earlier this month, US film and TV streaming service, Netflix launched in Ireland- requiring those subscribers who want to access content via the service through their televisions, to have them connected to the web.

Simon Woodward, chief executive of digital TV specialist ANT, thinks 2012 will finally be the year internet connected TVs take off.

“I expect the entire connected TV market to be shaken up this year as viewers get a plethora of next generation TV services offered to them. TV technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated in response to consumer demand for a more interactive, on demand viewing experience and we expect to see a wealth of innovative TV services follow in the footsteps of Netflix,” he said.

“The connected TV has been critically overlooked in the past; as viewers were buying these devices but not being educated on how to connect them and enjoy the connected experience. 2012 will no doubt be the tipping point for the connected TV - as viewers realise the opportunity to explore and discover exciting new applications and services through their TV set, whilst still being able to sit back and relax.”