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Cleared for take-off: Ryanair flyers can use electronic gadgets during take-off and landing


RYANAIR passengers will now be able to access electronic devices during take-off and landing after strict rules were changed.

The new measure in the Dublin-based carrier's flight policy means it is now one of few airlines in the world where passengers can freely use MP3 players, smart phones and tablets on all flights.

The move comes about following a rule change by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Aer Lingus indicated last night that they will likely be introducing similar measure very shortly.

The news by Ryanair comes on the same day it announced a recovery in its financial fortunes and expects to record profits of around €510m in the year to March 31, bucking a profit-dropping trend which resulted in two warnings being issued last year.

A statement by the company said passengers could immediately use their Personal electronic devices (PED) immediately once they were switched to 'flight mode' and welcomed the IAA's rule change.

"Ryanair customers can now use their personal electronic devices at all stages of their flight, while they enjoy their allocated seats, our low fares and on-time arrivals," spokesperson Robin Kiely said.

"The IAA is one of the first regulatory authorities in the world to approve this measure and we wish to commend them for their initiative.

We are working hard to improve our service to all customers and today's PED approval is the latest in a series of changes which we know our customers will love."

The change by the country's aviation authority means Aer Lingus, who currently allow internet browsing on long-haul flights through on-board WiFI, will soon follow suit.

"We are reviewing our procedures currently and anticipate announcing changes shortly."

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary is attempting to reinvent the public perception of his airline and has previously relaxed strict bag restrictions as well as a recent roll-out of allocated seats for all customers, which was successfully introduced last Saturday.

The company's website has also been entirely overhauled.

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