Wednesday 20 March 2019

Check out the firm before you sign up

A new Irish website gives you access to a potential employer's financial status

Worried that the company you are joining won’t last? Well an Irish firm has just come up with a novel way of checking out their viability.

And if you are just at the interview stage – the company can offer you a whole lot of information to impress your potential boss with!

With over 1,100 companies currently in liquidation in 2008 alone viability has become a very real consideration when moving jobs, says Rachel Curran of

For about €6, you can check the status of a firm on The site will give you access to the latest financial accounts of any company you are thinking of joining, if they are listed on the site.

“You can also pick up essential pre-interview data on any company, like how long it's been in business, who their directors are, as well as the other companies they're associated with,” says Rachel.

“It’s all great stuff to know in an interview situation and most of which is absolutely free.”

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