Wednesday 29 January 2020

Canon targets bloggers and upgraders with new M100 camera

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

With so many people competing to post details of their lives on Instagram and YouTube, video-blogging (or ‘vlogging’) cameras are all the rage.

Canon’s brand new Eos M100 (€699 with 15-45mm lens) is pitched as an entry-level version in the genre, with a flip-out touchscreen than lets you see yourself as you’re filming or taking a high definition (although not 4K) selfie.

Being an Eos camera, it takes interchangeable lenses so you can vary your photo or video styles. There aren’t as many of these 'M' lenses as other genres of Canon lenses (EF and EFS lenses, just to make things a little confusing). Nevertheless, Canon is trying to expand its ecosystem for people who want decent quality mirrorless cameras.

So why get this instead of an entry-level DSLR?

There are two significant benefits to mirrorless cameras. First, they tend to be smaller and lighter, meaning they’re a lot more convenient to bring around. Second, they can shoot completely silently which is a big advantage when you don’t want to create a racket taking photos.

The M100 is a little stripped down compared to some other Canon M-series cameras. It has no electronic viewfinder, for example. There are also relatively few manual controls visible.

However, it has a powerful 24 megapixel sensor and a really powerful ‘dual pixel’ autofocusing system.

Officially, this camera launches at €569 for the body only or €699 with a 15-45mm lens. But this price might come down quickly as Canon has priced the camera significantly cheaper in the UK. When the company did this with its recently launched Canon 6D Mark ii, the price fell by €300 overnight in Ireland as shops here realised they couldn’t compete if the UK price was so much cheaper. I'd expect the price to settle at closer to €500 for the body and a little over €600 for the body and kit 15-45mm zoom lens.

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