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Caitlin Moran launches Kickstarter bid for more Raised By Wolves


Caitlin Moran at her home in London

Caitlin Moran at her home in London

Caitlin Moran at her home in London

Author Caitlin Moran has launched a Kickstarter campaign to pay for new episodes of her critically acclaimed comedy Raised By Wolves.

The writer and columnist started the crowdfunding bid after Channel 4 confirmed it had not recommissioned her semi-autobiographical sitcom, which she penned with her sister Caroline.

The #savethewolves campaign's initial goal is to get funds for at least one episode.

Caitlin and Caroline Moran said: "So, here's the plan: we're asking you to help us fund at least ONE episode, so we can give the world a further slice of Aretha's misanthropy, Grampy's complicated love life, Germaine's sexual awakening, and Della's Ripley-from-Aliens-in-CostCo parenting.

"Obviously, the more we can raise, the more we can make - the more people support the campaign, spread the word and fund us, the bigger the chances we have of continuing to make the show.

"We've got the scripts right here! We know what happens next! All we need is your help to get them onto the screen."

Channel 4 confirmed earlier this year that the show had not been recommissioned after two series.

The sisters said: "We presumed it was something to do with the combination of the death of David Bowie, and David Cameron. Those two things have f****d everything up."

In response, they launched the #upthewolves online campaign in August, which saw thousands of people pledge their support to getting the programme back on screens.

The success of the campaign led to the Kickstarter bid.

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The sisters said: "We were like, 'Okay. You know what - let's do this. Let's do Raised By Wolves 3 - through Kickstarter!'

"They do it all the time in the US. Let's be the first UK show to give it a go. Let's be those bold pioneers.

"After all, if it falls on its arse, no-one will remember our spectacular failure in three weeks time.

"And if it works - well, it opens the door to hundreds of other projects, that could also be directly commissioned by fans."


Raised By Wolves first aired in 2013 and follows a version of the Moran sisters' upbringing in Wolverhampton, but is set in the modern day.

Actresses Helen Monks and Alexa Davies star as the two big sisters of the Garry family while Rebekah Staton plays the mother.

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