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Monday 18 December 2017

'Bully-proof' pink platform is the new haven for mobile teens fleeing Facebook

Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/ChiaraPoma
Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/ChiaraPoma
Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/Kateee9
An example of the content available on the social networking site. Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/Punyisabieb
An example of the content available on the social networking site. Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/TinaHorvat
Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/Mrs.Dreamer
Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/InesSolakovic
Photo 'Loved' by WeHeartIt/Emansalsa
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A platform you may not have heard of is boasting over 25m monthly users, two years after it was launched.

'We heart it' is a two-year old "social photo" network that has amassed more than 25m monthly active users, with over 1m new users signing up every month.

'We Heart It' is an image- based social network, similar in style to Pinterest - with a few key differences.  Users 'heart' (or 'love') an image and it is automatically saved to their 'collections' - similar to pins and boards but much quicker. Their profile page is called their 'Canvas'.

Comments are disabled on the site in order to foster a positive atmosphere - a move the founders claim was in an effort to create a "bully-proof" space.

Mashable report that over 80% of users are under 24 - with around 80% of the site's overall traffic is coming from the mobile app - while CEO of 'We Heart It', Ranah Edelin, reports the userbase is over 70% female. This young, female userbase is reflected in the pink theme of the app and the cute, somewhat 'fluffy' content. Active users spend on average 16.5 minutes per visit and visit the site 25 times or more a month.

While the site may bear resemblance to Pinterest, the older social site is not yet concerned about it's established user base. The 'We Heart It' age demographic is exactly the one Pinterest is lacking - the under 25s.

One Direction, cupcakes, starbucks coffee, ice-cream sparkles and nail designs feature heavily on 'We Heart It', in contrast to Pinterest's heavy focus on weddings and recipes. While the two networks both boast  'inspirational' posts, the inspirational posts on 'We Heart It' show a clear teen-focus, with bright colours, vague slogans and some teen angst thrown in for good measure.

Another major difference between the two networks is that the images on 'We Heart It' are not hyperlinks. This eliminates the advertising angle to the picture and product posts that dominate Pinterest and means that users are simply sharing what they love.

Mashable describes 'We Heart It' as "a younger, artsier Pinterest'. The people behind the social phenomenon say the aim is "to inspire" - and they could be inspiring disenchanted Facebook users.

The Global Social Media Impact Study carried out recently found that Facebook is "basically dead and buried" as teenagers flee the "uncool" site which their parents now use. 'We Heart It' may just be where they're heading to.

Last June, the company announced that it had received $8m in funding, and have hinted that they make seek additional funding in 2014.


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