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Marie Boran

Aftermath News

There is no doubt that the events of 9/11 changed the context of a mass media-led society and I’m not saying that as a US-centric westerner, but rather in the context of a mass media-led society.

There are probably blogs that peer through these sociological lenses, but this is not one of them. Aftermath News screams of a New World Order and mass mind control, but if it were more subtle and less insulting to its readers it might have credibility. There are some intelligent ideas, but it’s a matter of extracting the fig of sanity from the roll of madness.

Manic Mammy

The author of this blog is a mother of five, but still manages to do a great mix of reviews — ranging from good eateries (usually around Cork) to books, TV shows and children’s toys, amongst others. I particularly liked the Indiana Jones Lego Set! She is also a regular contributor to Irish review site LouderVoice.

Manic Mammy wishes she was more patient, could play the piano better and got more sleep. When you lead such an active life and maintain such an interesting blog, I think patiently learning to play Chopsticks in her sleep would be a doddle for Manic Mammy!

Thoughts on Communications in ireland

Eoin Kennedy is an associate director with Dublin-based PR company Slattery Communications and he really gets the online space.

I know for a fact that many owner-managers think ‘Yeah, yeah, I know what YouTube and blogging and Bebo are, but they really don’t make a blind bit of difference to how I run my business when it all boils down’.

Well, have a read of Kennedy’s blog because there are clear explanations and some good solid examples of what’s happening on the web and the hows, whys and ifs as to using them.

Lovin The 90s

Remember when every second song on the radio was by Mariah Carey, or when you ran home from school to watch Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles? What about the fact that Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was your national anthem, or you secretly wished you had one of those rings from Captain Planet. Go Planet!

Yes, you’re all grown up now and probably have to wear a suit to work every day, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this blog and reminiscing about the good ole days of the Nineties when you could read the internet in one

sitting and Pop Tarts were international cuisine.

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