Sunday 21 July 2019

Big ticket purchases still more likely to take place on desktop or tablet

Alan Coleman, Wolfgang Digital
Alan Coleman, Wolfgang Digital
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

Big ticket purchases are still more likely to take place on desktop or tablet, according Wolfgand Digital’s annual report for e-commerce websites.

While revenues for purchases on mobile devices grew by 23pc year-on-year, it appears that consumers return to their computer or tablet for more expensive items.

The digital marketing agency analysed 250 million e-commerce website sessions and €500m in online revenue to find out what drives today’s consumer to click and buy.

Google continues to deliver the majority of traffic (60pc) and revenue (56pc). However, its share continues to drop, with still no visibility from Google Analytics into who’s winning that share, the report finds.

The strongest trend the study has seen is the value of the returning visitor.

Websites that attract a user back time and time again are thundering ahead of their one-click only competitors when it comes to sales.

The more visits per user, the higher the revenues, according to the report.

Currently, e-commerce websites are averaging 1.5 visits over 12 months.

Speaking of Ireland's online consumption and the opportunity for online businesses here, Alan Coleman, Wolfgang Digital founder and CEO, said:

"Conversion rates in Ireland are among the highest in Europe. We are ahead of France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and many of the larger European nations. Only the UK has a higher conversion rate than us. Conversion rate is the percentage of website visits that become a purchase."

"This is a strong indicator that the Irish consumer is an early adopter to online commerce and spends money freely online, making this a profitable space for retailers to operate."

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