Saturday 14 December 2019

Apple's next iPhone: Leaked images reveal what it will look like

iPhone 5SE leaked picture. Credit: 9to5 Mac
iPhone 5SE leaked picture. Credit: 9to5 Mac

Apple's new smaller iPhone, widely expected to be called the iPhone 5se, has been revealed in leaked images showing the design of the new handset.

The design drawings suggest the 5se will be the same size and shape as the 5s, the last iPhone to feature a four-inch screen.

Apple increased the iPhone's screen sizes to 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches with the release of 2014's 6 and 6 Plus, but is likely to bring back the smaller screen size at an event in the coming weeks.

 The handset is expected to be revealed at a spring event  in San Francisco alongside the iPad Air 3 and some new Apple Watch straps.

Designs for iPhone casemakers have been obtained by 9to5Mac, showing the 5se's basic design.

It reveals a largely-similar design to 2013's iPhone 5s, although the lock button has been moved from the top to the right-hand side, like the iPhone 6.

Separate schematics obtained by OnLeaks, however, appear to show that the button remains at the top.

The iPhone 6 brought the button to the side partly because the bigger screen sizes making the top difficult to reach, so there is less reason to do so on the 5se. However, Apple may want to move the button for consistency with the rest of the line. A previous leaked photo has suggested a side lock button.

The 5se is expected to sport new features including  an 8MP camera, Apple Pay and Live Photos, catering to customers who may remain unconvinced by the bigger screen sizes.

Apple has been under pressure to sell a more affordable smartphone in the past, and responded with the iPhone 5c, which had a brightly-coloured plastic case and did not feature fingerprint verification technology Touch ID. It was quietly discontinued with the introduction of the latest iPhones, the 6s and 6s Plus, last September.

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