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Apple 'sorry' after China rebuke


Apple CEO Tim Cook. Photo: AP

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Photo: AP

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Photo: AP

APPLE chief executive Tim Cook apologised for the company's iPhone warranty policies in China after criticism over customer service in its second- largest market.

Apple is changing its practices to offer replacements or refunds for "problem" iPhones within 15 days of purchase, Mr Cook said in a letter posted on the company's Chinese website.

Apple vowed to improve training, customer service, and monitoring of stores authorised to sell its products in China.

Apple has come under criticism from a Chinese marketplace regulator, which called for stronger supervision of the iPhone-maker's consumer policies within the country, according to state-run media.

Last week, the official China National Radio cited a notice from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce that urged authorities to protect consumers' rights in accordance with the law. The notice was in response to widespread reports since March 15 on how Apple's after-sales service had hurt Chinese consumers.

Apple was singled out by state-run China Central Television in an annual corporate malpractice expose. Other media outlets have since taken up the baton, focusing on the company's warranty policy on Mac laptops, which critics say is shorter than in other countries.

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