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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Apple sells five million iPhone 5s as riots shut plant

Robert Dex in London

APPLE has sold more than five million of its new iPhones despite customer grumbles about some of its software.

In London, almost 1,300 people queued outside Apple's flagship store in Regent Street, while some camped at the company's shop in Covent Garden for up to a week to be at the front of the queue.

Meanwhile, the company that makes iPhones has suspended production at a factory in China after a brawl involving as many as 2,000 employees.

The fight, the cause of which was under investigation, erupted near a Foxconn Technology Group factory in the northern city of Taiyuan.

Police said 5,000 officers were dispatched to the factory, which employs 79,000 people.

Foxconn makes iPhones and iPads for Apple and is one of China's biggest employers, with some 1.2 million workers.

The fight in Taiyuan started at 11pm on Sunday night, "drawing a large crowd of spectators and triggering chaos", a police spokesman said.

Several people were arrested with 40 people taken to hospital.

The violence did not appear to be work-related. The company has faced scrutiny over complaints in the past about wages and working hours. It has since raised minimum pay and has promised to limit hours.

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