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Apple Pay may finally be coming to Bank Of Ireland


Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Bank Of Ireland looks like it’s finally about to introduce Apple Pay.

To the ongoing frustration of some of its customers, it is currently the only major Irish bank that doesn’t support Apple Pay, with the popular payment system being available from AIB, Ulster Bank, KBC, N26, boon and Revolut.

However, this looks set to change in the near future.

“While we can’t currently confirm the exact date, Apple Pay is coming soon, making it easier for our Apple customers who prefer to pay for transactions using their phone,” a spokesman said in response to questions from Independent.ie today.

“We have plans for further digital wallets and we will be in touch with customers when these are available.”

Bank of Ireland currently supports Google Pay on all Android devices.

Apple Pay was introduced into the Irish market in 2017. It can be used across a range of Apple devices, including iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads and Mac computers.

Contactless and mobile payments have grown steadily in Ireland in recent years, surging again during the pandemic.

Last month, fintech company Curve reported a spike in Irish users after adding more features for mobile payments.

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Chief operating officer Nathalie Oestmann said the company saw a 78pc boost in sign-ups in Ireland in August. Curve provides Apple Pay and Google Pay to users whose banks may not supply those services.

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