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Apple Music: Will you be subscribing once the trial ends tomorrow?


Apple Music

It is judgement day for Apple Music – three months on for its launch, its users must now decide whether to start paying for the steaming service.

These earlier adopters have just 24 hours to decide to become subscribers, playing €9.99 a month for continued access to over 30 million tracks.

With a relatively generous trial period and several platform exclusives already, Apple has made a concerted effort to win over early users.

Six weeks after its debut, the service counted over 11 million trial users.

Apple Music is up against strong competition from Spotify, Google Play Music and others. Moreover, its does not offer a free listening option of any kind.

Whether Apple can attract first-time streaming subscribers and potentially win over customers from competitors remains to be seen but for those that are not interested in becoming subscribers here is a quick rundown on how to stop Apple Music taking your money.

Auto-renewal must be turned off to ensure the three month trial does not sign you up for the service.

Open your profile (the red silhouette icon) in the Apple Music app, choose "View Apple ID," and log in to your account.

From there, go to the manage tab under subscriptions and toggle automatic renewal to off.

Choose "Off" and you will be all set. 

Alternatively, if you know where to look in the Apple Music app on your iOS device, you can disable the subscription there as well.

Open your Apple Music app and tap the silhouette at the top left of the app.

Sign in with your iTunes account credentials and tap under 'Subscriptions' under manage option.

From there, you can disable "Automatic Renewals".

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