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Apple iPhone 7 will be slimmer, could come with wireless charging and without headphone jack


Concept art of the iPhone 7 Photo: Federico Ciccarese

Concept art of the iPhone 7 Photo: Federico Ciccarese

Concept art of the iPhone 7 Photo: Federico Ciccarese

Apple's next iPhone, likely to be called the iPhone 7, could come without a headphone jack in what would be one of the phone's biggest innovations, or annoyances depending on which way you view it, in recent times.

Since the iPhone's first incarnation back in 2007 every model has come sporting the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack. However, if you're to believe Japanese website Mac Otakara Apple may be looking to remove it from its next flagship.

The headphone jack won't be replaced but rather users will be able to plug headphones into the phones lightning port, more commonly known as the phone's charging slot.

The move is said to be a bid to further reduce the devices seemingly gluttonous depth.

Outside of that Apple are rumoured to be considering losing the button that played a vital role in its existence. That's right the home button, which they recently rejuvenated with fingerprint scanning capabilities, may be scrapped too.

While this like most ahead of an Apple launch is mere rumour, Apple is said to be looking at a new type of glass that will a) give the device and edge-to-edge bezel-free look and b) be able to read your fingerprint from anywhere on the screen.

Under the hood the rumoured and logical next step is for Apple to put in an A10 processing chip. The A10 is set to be the next step up from the A9 that will give the phone added boost.

Macrumours, the Apple rumour site, are also suggesting that the 7 and 7 Plus models could come sporting different RAM. The 7 may have to do with just 2GBs of RAM while its bigger brother will have a much beefier 3GBs.

Finally if you're to buy into what Chinese website Weibo is suggesting, Apple's latest and greatest is going to be tougher this time round. Despite the fact its set to be thinner the phone could be waterproof and, maybe just maybe, not be finished in the 6's glorious metallic material.

Of course all of this is simply rumour, Apple are notorious for their secrecy so unless we see an enormous change of policy we're not going to get anything concrete on the next iteration until its probable September release.

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Rumour has it that another iPhone 7 prototype which supports wireless charging is in the mix.

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