Monday 20 January 2020

Apple iPad 3 event: A guide to the rumours

New Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the new iPhone
New Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the new iPhone

Shane Richmond

APPLE is holding an event tomorrow at which it is expected to unveil the next iPad. Here is a round-up of the rumours about the new device.

Apple has not confirmed what it will be announcing at 6pm this Wednesday but the string of leaks have given us a few pointers about what we might expect. These, in order of likelihood, are the top five:

The display

The new iPad will almost certainly have a much-improved display compared with its predecessor. It is expected to have a so-called 'retina' display and be capable of full 1080p HD. That has led some to suggest that the new iPad will be called the iPad HD, rather than iPad 3 or even, as others have suggested, the iPad 2S.

The processor

Whatever the new iPad is called, it will probably have a faster processor than the iPad 2. The current iPad is powered by Apple's A5 chip. The new device is expected to have an A6 chip, which might be a quad-core processor, though some sources suggest that it will be a dual-core chip like the A5.

The camera

The iPad 2 has front and rear cameras. Both are ok but neither is spectacular. That isn't a big problem since few people use a 10-inch tablet computer as a camera but there is room for improvement. It's possible, though by no means likely, that Apple will upgrade the cameras for the new iPad.

Apple TV

Many people are expecting another gadget to be announced alongside the new iPad: an improved Apple TV. This is unlikely to be the full television set that is thought to be in the works - that is expected towards the end of the year - but it could well be an improved version of the set-top Apple TV that is currently available. The iPhone does 1080p HD and the new iPad is expected to do the same so it would make sense for the Apple TV to get a boost from its current 720 HD.

The mini-iPad?

As a long shot, what about a mini iPad? Speculation has grown in recent weeks that Apple is planning a smaller tablet, specifically to tackle Amazon's Kindle Fire. Apple has probably tested a smaller version of the iPad but that's not the same thing as planning one for release. Steve Jobs, for example, spoke publicly of his disdain for 7-inch tablets. If there is one coming then it is unlikely to be unveiled this week. Even the sources that claim Apple has a 7-inch tablet in the works say they expect it towards Christmas.

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