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Apple boss Tim Cook: ‘We do not have a special deal with the Irish Government’


Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook


Apple CEO Tim Cook

APPLE chief executive Tim Cook has said the company has no special corporation tax deal with the Irish Government.

He was speaking at the All Things Digital D10 conference in the US following on from a Congress sub-committee hearing that focused on Apple as part of an investigation on where multinationals pay taxes on their profits.

The Government was forced to deny that Apple had a special tax deal with the company since setting up in Cork in 1980 following the sub-committee hearing where Ireland was referred to as a tax haven.

“We don’t use tax gimmicks,” Mr Cook said.

“We have no special deal with the Irish Government.”

He added that Apple pays $6bn in US taxes, “more than anyone else.”

Cook said that while he was happy for Apple to be part of a reform process, he was worried that decisions may be made too quickly.

Earlier jobs Minister Richard Bruton conceded that while Ireland has a clearly defined tax code there may have been phases in the past when specific sectors like manufacturing  could have paid a rate of 10pc rather that the 12.5pc standard rate for multinationals.

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