Thursday 21 November 2019

Amazon rumoured to launch phone on September 2

Stack of mobile telephones
Stack of mobile telephones

AMAZON may be launching its first ever phone at a major press event on September 6, according to reports.

Speculation has been mounting since the company sent out invitations to the media for a press event in Santa Monica, California.

All the invitation said was: “Please join us for an Amazon Press Conference”.

Industry insiders have been speculating that the company’s first ever mobile phone could be unveiled in a bid to take on Apple’s hugely popular iPhone.

However, it has also been speculated that Amazon will unveil the second generation of its tablet, the Kindle Fire 2.

The Kindle Fire has yet to launch in the UK, but it is expected to do so this autumn.

However, technology analysts predict that the UK release may be skip the first generation of the tablet, which has been received with mixed reviews, and fast forward straight onto the second generation of the 10-inch tablet.

The Kindle Fire 2 is expected to be more powerful device, contain a front-facing camera and a micro USB port.

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