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A lot more than just weighing scales


Withings scales

Withings scales

Withings scales

Withings Wifi Smart Body Analyser & Digital Scale Price: €150 Rating: HHHH

HOW'S the exercise regime and diet going? Still gung-ho six weeks after your New Year's resolutions? If you think that your weighing scales may be (ahem) faulty, maybe it's time to upgrade to a 'smart' scales that gives you lots more information about your health and your surroundings – than the device you're using.

Withings' Wi-Fi Smart Body Analyser is a gadget that weighs you, tracks your body fat, measures your heart rate and monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the air around you.

It synchronises with its own app (Withings Health Mate) over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can be used by several different people who are tracking different metrics.

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