Monday 23 October 2017

3D ‘expensive and disappointing’

The 3D Avatar was the biggest grossing film of all time
The 3D Avatar was the biggest grossing film of all time

Matt Warman

DESPITE eager anticipation, consumers find that 3D films usually disappoint – and Avatar remains the benchmark.

Research analysing reactions to 3D films in general, and to three of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, found that viewers generally felt disappointed after seeing the films and did not consider that it was worth spending extra money that cinemas demand for 3D films.

The survey, analysing 1,000 representative comments on social networks, found that sentiments were broadly positive before seeing a film in 3D. After the performance, however, a dramatic change was seen, with comments showing a sharply negative reaction.

Individuals that the survey deemed to be most influential were typically also those who expressed the most damning sentiments about 3D. Of the 1,000 comments analysed, 600 were excited by 3D in anticipation, while 450 subsequently expressed reservations. Fewer than 300 were positive.

The survey also looked at the three biggest films of the summer, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two 3D’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D’ and ‘Green Lantern 3D’. In all three cases, the reaction of viewers also showed a show a clear swing from positive anticipation to negative post-viewing reflection.

The Brandwatch Social Media Monitoring research found that “Specific complaints include: high prices, uncomfortable glasses, inappropriate use of 3D, underwhelming 3D effects, heavy-handed 3D use, headaches and a growing understanding that some 3D films are not filmed in 3D at all, but added as part of post-production”. Viewers, however, repeatedly suggested that newer 3D films did not match up to the first 3D blockbuster, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’.

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