Sunday 18 March 2018

15 most interesting gadgets from Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

The world’s biggest technology show is in full swing in Las Vegas. Here are 15 of the more interesting gadgets to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Vuzix Blade 3000.png

1. Vuzix Blade 3000: These augmented reality glasses that show you things, such as directions, email or information about the person standing in front of you, on the inside of one lens.


Gyenno Spoon II.jpg

2. Gyenno Spoon II: This smart spoon compensates for up to 85pc of the hand tremors that those with conditions such as Parkinson’s have. It uses the same kind of stabilisation technology as that found in drone gimbals.


Pixie tracker.png

3. Pixie tracker: Stick this plectrum-sized Bluetooth gadget onto your keys or phone or remote control or whatever else you regularly lose. If it’s with 30 feet of your phone, you’ll see its symbol floating in the air (on your phone’s screen). It’s like the Pokemon of lost trinkets.


Razer Valerie.jpg

4. Razer Valerie: This gaming laptop has three foldout screens, each of which is 17 inches in diameter. Multiple screens are prized by laptop gamers as they give a much wider field of vision. home security drone.jpg

5. home security drone: Hear a bump in the night? Don’t grab the baseball bat, dispatch the drone. If there’s a sound inside the house, this drone immediately starts flying to the area to investigate. It has sensitive cameras that record everything and stream pictures back to your phone. It’s capable of autonomous controlled flight and avoiding objects.


PowerVision PowerRay.jpg

6. PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone: This operates just like a drone, except underwater.  It has a 4K video camera attached that streams footage live to your phone, as long as it’s within 70 metres. It can go to 100 feet in depth and last four hours on a single charge. It also has sonar to detect fish up to 40 metres away.

360 Smart bed by Sleep Number.jpg

7. 360 Smart bed by Sleep Number: This smart bed detects snoring and raises the pillow area of the snorer to alleviate the problem. As a bonus, it also warms the foot part of the bed automatically and lets you adjust the firmness of the mattress from your phone.


LG W7.jpg

8. LG W7 telly: This 77-inch TV has a screen that’s thinner than an iPhone (0.4 centimetres thick). It has to be put on a wall because it’s so thin.


Hubble Hugo.jpg

9. Hubble Hugo anger management robot: This smart home robot uses face recognition to tell happy faces from angry or upset ones. It’s also designed to detect if babies suffer unrest and is capable of automatically starting an audiobook, music or a fan to calm the infant while you are notified on your phone.


Bactrack Skyn.jpg

10. Bactrack Skyn: This is a wearable alcohol monitor that tells you whether you’re over the legal drink-driving limit or whether you’re on your way to breaching that limit. It provides real-time data tracking and even comes in the form of a strap for an Apple Watch.


LG Instaview.jpg

11. LG Instaview refrigerator: Every year at CES, the internet fridges get bigger and bolder. This year, LG’s Instaview, with its 29-inch LCD screen on the front door, has cameras inside that show you what’s inside without having to open the fridge itself. You can also dial into it from the supermarket to see whether you’re running low on milk or eggs. It also works with Amazon Alexa, for whenever that arrives in Ireland.


Reliefband Neurowave Wearable.jpeg

12. Reliefband Neurowave Wearable: All that virtual reality gadgetry we’ve been using comes with one big problem: nausea. Up to half of all people who use VR devices for more than 15 minutes feel some inkling to hurl. This gadget relieves nausea brought about by virtual reality by emitting special pulses through your body.


Vayyar Imaging Walabot 3D.png

13. Vayyar Imaging Walabot 3D: This attachable 3D-imaging camera smartphones can see through a few inches of plaster or brick to to detect broken pipes. It performs the same trick on humans to help detect tumours.


Lenovo Smart Assistant.png

14. Lenovo Smart Assistant: This is something of a clone of Amazon’s Echo gadget, as it works with Amazon’s Alexa voice system, thereby replicating its functions. However, the Lenovo device has one big advantage -- it’s a better music speaker. This alone will make it interesting to people in Ireland who like the idea of a voice-activated smart home gadget but want some other benefit while we wait for more of Amazon’s services (particularly the shopping-based ones) to arrive here. In particular, Lenovo has added a Harmon Kardon version of the device that is clearly better for audio than speakers from Google or Amazon.


Faraday Future FF 91.jpg

15. Faraday Future FF 91: Last year, Faraday showed off a Batmobile-style electric car at CES. This year, it has a self-driving electric model (the FF 91) that more resembles a squished Porsche Cayenne. The difference is that this year’s car is much closer to market release. And what a car that promises to be. The sleek electric saloon does zero to 100km in a staggering 2.4 seconds, propelled by the electric motoring equivalent of 1,050 horsepower -- about twice the torque of a Ferrari. The self-driving element works via 10 front and rear facing cameras, 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and one high definition 3D LIDAR device. Aside from making the car capable of autonomous operation on roads, Faraday also claims that it is an expert self-parker.


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