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12 real Black Friday tech deals from Irish retailers

Beyond the exaggerated claims are some real bargains that are available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 is €150 off at €999.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 is €150 off at €999.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 is €150 off at €999.

This week, I wrote in depth about exaggerated Black Friday sales. But it’s not all smoke and mirrors — there are some genuine deals on offer. Below, you’ll fine 12 genuine Black Friday sales items worth paying attention to.

I’ve personally checked these savings against pricing that was in effect before the Black Friday sales began.

This means that the discounts quoted below may seem lower than those touted by the shops they’re in. That’s an unfortunate fact of life with Irish tech retail — they tend to fib a little about the size of the immediate discount.

For example, Harvey Norman says that the price cut on the 50-inch LG television I’ve highlighted is €200, not €100. Their figure is based on an ancient ‘RRP’. My figure is based on what they were selling that telly for at the start of this month.

This is my rule. Where I attribute a discount, it is the price of the item now compared to the price a few weeks ago before the Black Friday sale began.

So in the case of that LG television, my research from the start of November shows that Harvey Norman were selling it for €550. And €100 off a €550 TV is still a good-enough deal to warrant inclusion in my list below.

In many instances, discounted products are nearing end-of-display period. The high-end Sony A8 above, for example, was the brand’s marquee television in 2019; it’s already been replaced (by the A9). You’ll find it hard to find one of these A8 models in 2021 as inventory is allowed to naturally peter out. But it’s still a brilliant TV that more than holds its own against the current crop.

It’s the same for Sony’s wonderful 1000XM3 headphones, now down to €249. They’ll be gone soon, but grab these while you can — they’re as good as the XM4 replacements and cost over €100 less. They’re still the industry-reference set of noise-cancelling headphones for under €500.

While I’ve generally tried to look for as many retailers with a presence in Ireland, it’s not possible to ignore Amazon in one or two categories. Its discounts on its Echo speakers are, frankly, impossible to ignore. This is especially so given the relatively high audio quality of the speaker’s output. Littlewoods, oddly, also has some of the lowest prices in the sales.

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There are some significant discounts I haven't included. For example, CompuB has good reductions (over €200) on Intel versions of the MacBook Pro laptops, but I can't advise getting the Intel models as they're being phased out -- you're better off getting the full-price M1 models instead. (CompuB is giving 5pc off iPads and iPad Pro models, which is as good as you'll get.)

There are also categories I haven't included, such as cameras. In truth, I've only seen one eye-opening Black Friday deal on a camera -- Argos's €579 deal for Fujifilm's X-T200 with lens, a price drop of well over €100 and unmatched anywhere locally (but available for €540 on Amazon).

Lastly, the discounts I quote below may not be the actual one from the shop itself, but from a generally available low price elsewhere. This list is supposed to represent a saving to the reader now on what you could get it for before, regardless of one particular shop or chain.


Samsung S20 FE 4G (€569); saving of €100, available from all big retailers

TCL 10 Pro (€339); saving of €110, available from Harvey Norman

2. TVs

Sony A8 Oled 55 (€1,490); saving of €165, available from Littlewoods

LG UN73 50-inch (€449); saving of €100, available from Harvey Norman


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (€999); saving of €150, available from Microsoft online

HP cf2504 14-inch (€479); saving of €200, available from Currys


Sony 1000XM3 NC (€249); saving of €50, available from all big retailers

Apple AirPods (€145); saving of €25, available from Littlewoods


Fitbit Charge 4 (€109); saving of €40, available from Littlewoods

Garmin Vivofit 4 (€59); saving of €40, available from Arnotts (Expert)


Echo Dot - 3rd Gen (€22); saving of €12, available from Littlewoods

Google Nest Audio (€79); saving of €20, available from Expert

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