Friday 24 May 2019

Sunday Independent to publish definitive Rich List for 2018

Ten years on from the crash, the Sunday Independent will publish the definitive Rich List for 2018.

The renowned 32-page supplement will be available from this Sunday, January 14th and will feature a wealth of new entries including sport star Conor McGregor.

''From the heady days of the Celtic Tiger and before, Ireland’s Rich List in the Sunday Independent has charted the rise and fall of the fortunes of top tier of our wealthiest people.  Their success and failures, their zeniths and nadirs have mirrored – in many cases – those of our country. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the economic crash, the fortunes of the wealthiest are on the rise again but Ireland is forever changed,” said Cormac Bourke, editor of the Sunday Independent.

“This weekend, the Sunday Independent Rich List: Who is really blazing a trail, who is struggling and who are the newcomers who will adjourn our list over the next decade? And what can we learn from their successes and failures?''

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