Tuesday 17 September 2019

'The paper business card is losing its power' - Meet the woman fighting to help SMEs connect

Wendy Stunt
Wendy Stunt
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Networking at industry conferences can be crucial to the expansion of any small firm, but making sure that the connections you make on the day turn into solid leads can be tough.

Dublin businesswoman Wendy Stunt has set about solving one of the biggest related problems, the prolific binning of business cards.

Officially launched in November 2017 after its establishment in April last year, Go Digicard combines the traditional business card with online marketing, connecting people on digital channels straight away.

Rather than swapping (and chucking) paper cards, those looking to connect send a text that shares their digital profile via a business card microsite.

The information that is shared includes a bio, contact information and hyperlinks to their websites and social media channels.

As a member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Ms Stunt said that she and her fellow members have experienced this first hand.

"Immediacy is key in today's digital world and that means that the traditional paper business card is losing its power," she told Independent.ie.

The company has sold over 1,000 digital business cards and has moved into European markets, including the UK and Germany.

Ms Stunt is now campaigning to become a member of the Council at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce to work on her passion, strengthening SMEs network with corporate business sectors.

"My own company is about networking, so naturally, I’m passionate about Dublin Chamber and the fantastic opportunities it provides for people in business to connect," she said. 

"I want to use my expertise in this area to drive greater connectivity and collaboration between Chamber members of all size and industry."

Ms Stunt is running alongside high profile business leaders such as Tour America's Mary McKenna and Dermot Griffin of Premier Lotteries Ireland.

The election results will be made available following the voting week of February 5-9. 

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