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'People are throwing away good stuff like furniture and bikes - give it to charity'


Adrian Bandi

Waste Collection Crew, Key Waste

In conversation with Mary McCarthy


Keeping busy: Adrian Bandi

Keeping busy: Adrian Bandi

Keeping busy: Adrian Bandi

Rise and shine

I get up at 5.15am, make coffee and 25 minutes later I'm in the car - I live too far to take the bus. Before Covid I would meet around 10 to 15 of my colleagues at the petrol station near work to have a coffee and a laugh. That has been hard not being able to gather and talk in the mornings.

At 6.30am the working day begins and we get into the trucks. We would have maybe 100 places to call but these days we are finishing up much earlier, around 2pm or 3pm - mainly because the traffic is so light.

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