Sunday 26 May 2019

Need a website or brochure? Studio Lugh providing catalogue photography services

Work done for Orbus Theatre group
Work done for Orbus Theatre group
Neil Lennon

With about 50pc of SMEs with no web presence, Studio Lugh was founded in March of last year by photographer Neil Lennon.

The company's main focus is the production of cut out photographs for catalogues, brochures and presentations.

But Neil believes Irish SMEs need also to focus on a web presence.

"I can help manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, designers and crafters showcase their products on the global stage," he siad.

Based in Co Longford and with over 20 years experience in the photography business, Neil spent the last 12 years producing photos for fashion magazines, mail order companies and advertising agencies.

Here are his top tips to getting ahead in business.:

1. Focus: Identify your goals. Make a plan to achieve them. Never lose sight of the result-ing plan, refine it over time with experience. It is important to stay focused on this goal. A flying arrow has more penetrative power than a falling piano! A broad approach to business will not penetrate a market.

2. Network. Brand awareness is crucial to success in business. In the always-online world this is easier than ever before and can even be done for free if you know how. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and FaceBook are hugely beneficial marketing and networking tools. It has worked for me, especially through the #irishbizparty network.

3. Connect: It is very important to go out and meet customers and clients. Some B2B services are provided without ever meeting the client, as sometimes in my situation. My solution is to attend trade shows with two objectives: seek new clients and visit the stands of those I have already worked with.

4. Follow up: Call your clients after a sale, ask them if they're satisfied with your service or product. Take the opportunity to ask for a testimonial to publish on your website. Stay fresh in their mind. Ask them for another sale!





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