Wednesday 23 October 2019

Mum-of-two behind Irish startup Abodoo: 'Parents want flexibility in their professional life - we help'

Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

As the country reaches full employment, and many parents seek to achieve better work-life balance, firms are increasingly looking towards more flexible options for their staff.

Sourcing skilled talent without being restricted by a physical lack of business space or staff commuting is the very issue that this Irish mum of two young children aimed to solve.

Abodoo, co-founded by Vanessa Tierney, is a Wexford-based company that promotes remote working.

Vanessa told that she was inspired to set up the firm when she realised the benefits of remote working and flexible family life.

"Personally, the success [of the company and working from home] means having greater flexibility, better balance, and it enables me to have more time for typical errands," Vanessa said.

"On a business level, the reaction from professionals has been great."

Already, she says that thousands of employees have registered on the site, who typically earn between €40,000-€60,000 per year.

In addition, Vanessa says that leading employers have signed up to Abodoo too, offering remote and flexible career opportunities nationwide.

Abodoo, which is backed by the IDA Ireland, works by matching employees that want the flexibility to work from home with employers.

"When a potential employee matches above 80pc with a potential employer, an alert is generated," she said.

"We're quite similar to a dating website in that way!"

Companies are charged for using the service at the point of the candidate agreeing to an interview with the company.

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Posting a job on the site is free and a company can post as many positions as they have available.

However, Vanessa says that Ireland is behind the US and UK when it comes to employees working from home, with only 10-20pc of companies here having implemented a work at home policy.

Looking forwards, Abodoo, which in January received a €200,000 investment from Voxpro founder Dan Kiely (who sold his company last year for an estimated €150m), plans to expand to the UK and other European markets.

"Dan is an entrepreneur through and through, and achieved phenomenal success in establishing, leading and selling Voxpro," Ms Tierney said at the time.

"He has followed Abodoo since our establishment and, like us, he believes smart working is the future.  His investment will support our expansion into the UK and other European markets."

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