Wednesday 26 June 2019

Meet Rawsaol...The sustainable brand 'supporting a healthy lifestyle both indoors and outdoors'

Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

Rawsaol, which comes from the words "raw" and "saol" - the Gaelic word for life, aims to produce beautiful, functional objects for everyday life, through the use of sustainable raw materials.

The idea for the company came from Brendan McCarey and James Cleary, who in the beginning became friends over the garden wall.

Summer evenings with family and friends were illuminated with open fires, and from this began their search for a functional long-lasting fire pit that was both portable and easy to store.

The two have benefited from their mutual backgrounds; James has a background in industrial design, while Brendan's in craft design.

Between the two of them they designed and tested prototypes to create an aesthetically functional fire pit.

From this collaboration they have created a range of objects for everyday life including incense burners, candle holders, and coasters, all of which have their functional design and symmetry.

The two say that sustainability is at the heart of what the company aims for, and where possible their packaging and materials are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly,

"Our recycled raw steel produces a product which will last a lifetime," they say.

Based in the rural village of Mullan, county Monaghan, the two say that they have big ambitions to grow the company  from its Irish foundations into an international brand that "supports a healthy balanced lifestyle indoors and outdoors."

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