Thursday 20 June 2019

What you need to know to target the youth market

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They’re the millennial generation, the digital natives, savvy on all things social and digital and if you want to stay relevant then it’s a market that your company needs to be reaching out to. 

Jane McDaid, Founder of ThinkHouse the youth marketing agency and Eamon Fitzpatrick, MD IPG Mediabrands Ireland joined Brian Purcell on this week’s Ready Business show to discuss how to target this lucrative demographic.

Presenter Brian Purcell, Jane McDaid, Think House PR and Eamon Fitzpatrick, IPG for Business Podcast.
Presenter Brian Purcell, Jane McDaid, Think House PR and Eamon Fitzpatrick, IPG for Business Podcast.

“Never under-estimate this audience,” says McDaid.  “They are the most astute audience and are absolute experts in what they’re consuming and how they’re consuming.  But the good news for businesses is that they also believe brands have a role to play in their lives.” 

“The first thing is to understand your audience, why they visit you and what you want from them,” explains Fitzpatrick.  “Targeting 15-34 year-olds, you’re also up against the likes of BMW, Heineken, Nescafe who are massive brands.  So you have to know and understand the connection points of your audience during their day.” 

“Personalisation is key,” says McDaid. “And caring about the audience if you want them to care about you.  Understanding your audience and what they will  and won’t accept from a brand is vital – it’s about helping and adding usefulness to their lives.”

With digital now accounting for over 35% of ad spend in Ireland per annum, everything starts with digital nowadays.  Start with the consumer - your audience - first.

Each week on the Ready Business podcast we’re answering your start-up and SME questions giving practical advice on how best to run your business and on this week’s Twitter poll, we asked what you thought were the most important factors in targeting the youth market. 

13% said language, 27% right platform, 28% voted for brand relevance while 32% said it was culture.

It’s about starting small, said our experts in response: identify your core target audience who you want to reach, see where they are, what their needs and wants are and address that.

We’ll be running our Twitter poll every Friday using the hashtag #readybusinessadvice so don’t forget to vote on next week’s show.

And of course you can always go old-school using cards and letters as the new form of disruption.

“For an 18 year old to get something designed for them and receiving it through the post can be mind-blowing for them,” says McDaid.

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