Monday 20 November 2017

Marketing yourself is crucial if you want to stand out from crowd

We all know that the emp-loyment market is very tough at the moment. It is important that we all stay relevant in our jobs and organisations.

The key to this is to continually market yourself. You need to be aware of how you project and present yourself on a daily basis to everyone with whom you come into contact, including your bosses, colleagues, clients and customers.

You never know when a promotional, developmental or even an employment opportunity might arise and you must be ready for it.

Here are my 10 tips for marketing yourself more effectively inside and outside of your organisation -- and it doesn't even have to involve social media.

Tip 1: Impressions count

The impact that we make on people in the first few minutes of contact is based 60pc on visual messages, 33pc on vocal messages and only 7pc on content. People are inclined to believe the evidence put before them, so appearances do count.

The way you package yourself through your image and professional persona is like an advertisement, so present yourself appropriately and with confidence.

Tip 2: Perception is reality

People will judge you on how you come across. How you seem is how you will be, so you need to take steps to influence the perceptions of people, and particularly of people with no previous knowledge of you and no information other than what is in front of them. So think about and develop the type of image you want to project.

Tip 3: Associate yourself with success

Being seen as being associated with success is a key element to marketing yourself. Sign up to lead projects that are going to deliver results; offer to chair that high-profile committee; do that media briefing etc.

Be on the lookout for getting involved in high-profile opportunities where you can showcase your skills.

Tip 4: No one buys sight-unseen

You will seldom buy something sight-unseen, so if you want to market yourself effectively, then get out there, be seen and be visible to your bosses, your colleagues and your clients.

Develop a high profile within your organisation, network with contacts in other areas, attend functions, and be seen to be involved in the wider business community.

Tip 5: Accentuate the positives

Organisations are competitive places, so don't undersell yourself to colleagues or bosses. Concentrate on showcasing your positives and strengths while working independently on developing your weaker areas.

Tip 6: Be nice to do business with

Develop a reputation among your colleagues, clients and bosses, for being nice to do business with. Be responsive, knowledgeable, willing to share, enthusiastic, professional, fair and be known for your straight dealing.

Tip 7: Unique perceived benefit

Identify your unique perceived benefit or your unique selling point. What makes you different from the competition? Think about this and then promote it to your advantage.

Tip 8: Eager beaver

A rising tide lifts all boats, so develop a reputation for enthusiasm and you will infect those around you with the same enthusiasm and motivation to get things done.

Volunteer to take on new projects, develop new products and services and contribute strategically to organisational goals and be seen to deliver.

Tip 9: Widen your horizons

While we are all focused on doing the business, delivering a service, or managing our clients, we sometimes tend to forget the broader prospective.

Those individuals who are successful at marketing themselves tend to develop themselves outside of their own specialised area, so look at the bigger picture and be seen as a strategic thinker.

Tip 10: Keep working on yourself.

Learning should be life-long, so ensure you keep growing through continuous professional development and stay relevant.

Don't forget, people are a bit like icebergs, only 10pc of ourselves is visible to the outside world, and we tend to get judged only on that which others can see. Why not make sure that what they do see is packaged and presented in such a way as to make you stand out from the crowd?

Brenda Dooley is an executive coach and HR consultant.

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